Jennifer Clark has revealed that she has no intention of seeing Big Brother hunk Dale Howard when he leaves the house.

The single mum – who was evicted on Friday – enjoyed a flirtation with the 21-year-old in the house. But she says she was sickened when she was shown Dale's audition tape.

In it he boasts about 'nailing' hot housemates – and says he doesn't to talk to ugly people.

‘I was disgusted,’ Jen, 22, tells the Sunday Mirror. ‘I could have been physically sick. He was like a stranger. That was not the person I met in there.

'In the house the most extreme thing he said was: “I like a girl with a cute nose.” He never said he wanted to nail girls or anything like that.’

She was also shocked to discover the 21-year-old has a girlfriend on the outside.

‘I had no idea he was seeing someone,’ she says.

Another 3 new women have now joined the house - Belinda Harris-Reid, 44, a theatre director from Exeter, Maysoon Shaladi, 28, a model from Hertfordshire and Sara Folino, 27, a PA from Australia.


Alison Adey