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  • Louis Walsh managed Girls Aloud for a short while
  • Louis Walsh 'pushed' Nadine Coyle into Girls Aloud
  • It seems Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh still have a frosty relationship

Louis Walsh has revealed that he may have caused divisions between the members of Girls Aloud

The X Factor judge managed the band after they were formed on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 and caused problems when he singled one of them out as being better than the others.

'There was a girl in Ireland called Nadine Coyle, and I said, go for this show,' says Louis.

'She is an amazing vocalist. A real, real singer. So I pushed her in the band, and I said Nadine is the lead singer.'

Louis, 60, says he never worked well with the group again and admits there were still tensions between he and Cheryl Cole when she was on The X Factor panel.

And he hints that Nadine, 27, may have landed a similar job if she'd had a relationship like Cheryl, 29, did with ex-husband Ashley Cole.

'Generally, girls don't like each other. From the moment I said Nadine was the best singer, the others alienated me,' Louis tells The Guardian.

'She is the best singer! By a mile. But she didn't marry a footballer. If she'd married a footballer she'd have been a big star.'

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