Louis Tomlinson takes best friend Stan on tour

Louis Tomlinson used to share a luxury apartment with One Direction's Harry Styles, but the boys are no longer flatmates.

So are they still as close as they were?

'I can see why some people thought there was some sort of friction,' Louis, 20, tells Now's Dan Wootton.

'Me and Harry still get on really, really well.

'It was so much fun living with him, but we all decided to get our own places.'

Louis likes to hang out with his own pals as well as the 1D lads.

'The friends we had before the band are massively important,' he explains.

'Some people have got jealous.

'But I see my best, best friend Stan all the time.

'I speak to him on the phone loads and he's even come out on tour with us.

'It's a good way to stay grounded.'

One Direction's new album Take Me Home is out on 12 November

Read Dan Wootton's full interview with Louis Tomlinson in Now magazine dated 12 November 2012 - out now! 


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