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  • Josie Gibson recognises a fit man when she sees one
  • Tyson Beckford is an American fashion model and actor

Josie Gibson's boyfriend Luke Sanwo is in a right hump because she 'cheated' on him with another man - model Tyson Beckford.

'And if Tweeting is cheating, lock me up and 
throw away the key,' Josie, 27, tells us.

'Let me explain. I love Tyson. Like proper, truly, madly, deeply love.

'He's my screensaver and I had his poster on my wall.

'I was bored the other day and Tweeted him to say he was just too beautiful.

'He Tweeted back: "Hey."

'I just couldn't resist winding Lukey up, saying I had to follow my heart to Tyson.

'I talked about what our babies would look like (my eyes, his colouring) and, stifling giggles, tried to reassure him, saying: "Who needs a model when I've got my handyman Luke?"

'He said he thought he looked like Tyson.

'I couldn't stand for laughing.'

Read Josie Gibson's full column Just Josie! in Now magazine dated 12 November - out now!

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