Denise Van Outen married Lee Mead in 2009

Denise Van Outen is totally content being Mrs Lee Mead and mum to daughter Betsy.

'It's a cliche but it's true: being a mum is the hardest job in the world but so rewarding,' Denise, 37, tells us.

'Betsy's two in May and it's gone so fast. She's a lovely little girl and she really makes me laugh.

'She keeps calling me darling and she's obsessed with Harry Styles from One Direction.

'Every time he comes on telly she runs towards it shouting: "Harry, Harry!"'

Betsy is also a Stephen Fry fan. 

'I have no idea why but she thinks Stephen Fry's her dad,' says Denise. 'We've got a photo at home that Stephen's in and she keeps calling him daddy whenever she sees it.'

Read the full interview with Denise Van Outen in Now magazine dated 19 March 2012 - out now! 


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