Pippa Middleton can now have her pick of guys

When it comes to dating, Pippa Middleton's men have all had one thing in common: lots of money.

Her boyfriend for three years at uni was Jonathan 'JJ' Jardine Paterson, a banking heir.

She's said to have ended things in 2007 because he wouldn't commit.

'I remember whenever she was out with the girls, she'd act differently if a boy came along,' a  friend reveals.

'She'd be more conscious of how she looked and how she came across. It was hilarious.'

Now, with the world at her feet, 27-year-old Pippa's certainly not short of male admirers.

So what's going to happen to her current romance with cricketer-turned-banker Alex Loudon, 30?

'The situation is totally up in the air at the moment,' says a close pal.

'Pippa would rather keep her options open because she's incredibly socially ambitious.

'She's always liked the idea of marrying into aristocracy, which Alex is unable to offer her.'

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