Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are rumoured to be an item

Cheeky Gerard Butler regularly flashed his naked bottom while filming The Bounty Hunter.

The hunk, who bared his bum in 300, had his co-star Jennifer Aniston in stitches on the set. 

'[He] would moon [the crew] walking by the wardrobe trailer,' says Friends star Jen, 41.

'That's how close our family got! Those are the goods.'

Gerard, 40, isn't embarrassed about getting nude. 

'I like to moon,' he tells Access Hollywood. 'It's about as good as it gets with me.'

Meanwhile, Jen's revealed it was uncomfortable to straddle Gerard during their W magazine shoot.

'My leg on the left [was] asleep,' she told Good Morning America.

'Gerry's right foot is sound asleep, the pained expression on my face is kind of real.'

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