Ricky Martin is the proud father of twin boys

Ricky Martin was overcome when he cradled his newborn sons for the first time.

Matteo and Valentino were born to a surrogate mother in August so Ricky is a single dad.

‘I was sweating because I was so nervous,’ he admits.

‘My family was there, and friends. But I just needed to look at my sons. They were swaddled but I was like, “I want to see their toes, I want to see their bellies. I want to touch their hands!”

'I needed to hold them. I wanted them to know my scent. It was a special moment.’

Ricky, 36, was so determined to be a good dad that he refused to accept help from his family.

‘The first two weeks I did everything for them myself,’ he tells Hello!

‘Until one day my mum said, “Ricky please! Allow us to help you. You’re a zombie already.”

'I wanted to change them, feed them, burp them, bathe them, all with no help. Mum said, “Okay, enough is enough, please, can I burp the child? It’s not about you, it’s about the baby.”

'So that’s when I realised there was nothing to be ashamed about asking for help.’

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