Cristiano Ronaldo met Litizia Filippi in Capri

Letizia Filippi says that she thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is in love with her.

The Italian model started dating the 23-year-old Manchester United footballer in July, shortly after he split with ex Nereida Gallardo.

'I’ve heard he’s considered a sex addict,' she says. 'But I don’t think so. He is very cute, fun, elegant and sweet.’

‘I think I am the one because he never forgets me,’ she tells Italian magazine Max.

But Letizia, 30, says she won't call herself his girlfriend.

‘He calls me every day and I think I am the first one he really loves. I don’t know if I love him but I like him so much because he is a lovely boy.

'I don’t consider myself his girlfriend but I have a good feeling with him.

'He calls me Amorinio. It means “little love". I call him my baby but he laughs: “I’m no baby.”'

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