Elton John says the GQ Awards row has changed his opinion of Smile singer Lily Allen

Sir Elton John has revealed that Lily Allen has burnt her bridges with him.

The music legend, 61, had a showdown with the singer at the GQ Awards last week when Lily told him to ‘f**k off' on stage.

And he says it's changed his opinion of her.

‘I was thinking about asking her to tour with me and maybe even do a duet,’ he tells Daily Star Sunday. ‘Obviously that won’t be happening now.’

Lily, 23, is said to be red-faced following her outburst. She put on her Facebook page that she felt like 'dying inside'.

But later she wrote on her MySpace blog: 'I'm not defending my drunkenness because I don't need to.

'I'm 23, it was an awards ceremony, I drank the free champagne. How awful of me.'


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