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  • Jerry Hall has the second best hairstyle in showbiz, apparently
  • Kate Middleton is Top Of The Locks (no shock there!)
  • Cheryl Cole crept into third place – now that is shocking, right!?
  • Holly Willoughby came in at No 6
The Duchess of Cambridge has the most covetable hairstyle in the UK, according to a new survey.

Kate Middleton topped the survey – by professional hair product retailer – a fact that probably won't come as a massive shock.

But sit yourselves down, perhaps pop on a brew... because Jerry Hall came in at a very healthy second place!

Strictly Come Dancing star Jerry Hall's signature sideswept hair (or as Now Daily like to call it, the Chelsea Comb-over) is almost as famous as she is.

It should definitely have its own Twitter handle.

But is it really better than Cheryl Cole's L'Oréal-laden barnet?

According to this latest poll, yes, yes it is. spokesperson Francesca Davies says: 'It was interesting to see Jerry Hall so high on the list – it seems that even after 30 years, women still want her iconic look. What's more it's really great to see an older woman as a style icon.

'I was surprised to see favourites such as Victoria Beckham and Holly Willoughby poll comparatively low on the list. It just goes to show there is a difference between the celeb hair women like and the hair they actually want.'

Jerry's hairstyle's certainly a lot easier to achieve. Simply brush your hair, or don't... then flick it over to one side.

Et voilà, you're Jerry cool.

Do YOU agree with this latest survey? Take a look at the Top Nine celebrity hairstyles in full below, then let us know whose locks you're lusting after most.