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  • The one and only Danny Dyer is joining EastEnders!
  • Danny Dyer and his long term girlfriend, Joanne Mas
  • I can imagine Phil Mitchell won't be the biggest fan of Danny Dyer's new character, Mick Carter
  • I hope Shirley cheers up when Danny Dyer arrives on the Square

EastEnders has been ailing in the viewing figures department for a while.

Ratings have been floating at around and about 6 million viewers per episode over the summer - and Corrie has beaten Easties consistently in terms of viewers for ages.

So obviously, EastEnders bigwigs want to shake things up.

And what better way to do it, in traditional soap style, than in the Christmas special?

I can't think of anything I want to watch more whilst half asleep after stuffing my face on Christmas day than EastEnders. People get chucked out of the Vic onto the cold, snowy pavement, someone usually getting murdered, and everyone all miserable - it's tradition!

But guess who'll be joining the Square this Christmas? None other than... Danny Dyer. As the new landlord of The Vic. And he's playing Shirley Carter's brother - Mick.

Um, amazing.

Danny gave an interview in 2009 saying, ‘I won't join EastEnders until I'm fat, bald and 50' - but he's backtracked on that now (I bet the BBC have shoved a lot of cash his way).

But this will totally work.

I literally can't wait to see original East End geezer Danny in, as a colleague of mine described, ‘his spiritual home'.

He'll be brawling with Phil Mitchell over the roast turkey before we know it.

This was meant to be.

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