Cheryl Cole and MC Harvey - their secret is out

It's the story that launched the explosive Twitter war between the nation's sweetheart Cheryl Cole and So Solid's Harvey.

But I can now reveal just how I came to interview MC Harvey - and get him to spill the beans on his close relationship with Cheryl Cole.

The first thing that should be said is that Harvey by no means wanted to talk about Cheryl - and up until she attacked him on Twitter (denying our story and asking him 'are you smoking something?') he was insistent that he had the utmost respect for her.

Now had heard about this story at the time it was going on in late 2010 - but with both parties keeping quiet and no pictures of them together, it seemed like the juicy gossip would be consigned to history.

So, when I met MC Harvey in a posh hotel in west London last Sunday week it had been purely to chat about Romeo in Celebrity Big Brother.

But, cheeky as it may have been, there was no way I was going leave without asking Harvey about Ms Cole.

Unlike Cheryl's Tweet would have her followers believe, Harvey wasn't exactly keen to talk. We'd been chatting away for 90 minutes about So Solid, Alesha, Romeo and his new single, before I'd even mentioned her name.

And bless the poor guy, as soon as I did, he looked as though he'd been hit with a sledgehammer.

Slowly but surely, I teased out the details, with Harvey laughing in shock that I had the nerve to ask.

But after much toing and froing, his dirty laughs whenever you mentioned her name definitely started to give the game away.

Now in a new relationship, Harvey tried his best to keep tight-lipped but, after a plate of finger sandwiches and probably just to make me shut up, the So Solid hardman began to crumble.

That said he certainly wasn't going to make my job easy. One thing he kept saying was how much respect he had for Cheryl, how much he genuinely cared for her and wanted to make sure anything he said would keep her happy.

The full revelations of what Harvey told me can be read in this week's Now magazine.

But what I must say is that in my 8 years of being a journo, Harvey seemed one of the funniest, frankest and most honest celebs, and even at the end of a marathon three-hour interview gave me a lift to the station!

When you read his interview in Now magazine, you'll see how the So Solid rapper genuinely valued his relationship with Cheryl Cole. A far cry from the respect Cheryl Cole showed him with his public Tweet.

Read the full interview with MC Harvey about his romance with Cheryl Cole in the latest issue of Now dated 6 February 2012 - out now!


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