It’s essential to look after the basics on the beach because looking too made-up is unsophisticated. So use these tips and products for a perfect beach-babe glow:

1. It’s a big no-no to wear a full face of make-up while you’re on the beach, so to get a little bit of coverage mix a tiny blob of your foundation with your sunscreen.

2. Keep your brows defined and in place while relaxing on the sun lounger by slicking on some Vaseline.

3. Cream blusher is quite oily and will repel any water that splashes against it, so it’ll stay put even after a dip in the sea.

4. Black mascara on the beach looks ultra-glamorous – and if it’s waterproof, you can apply it in the morning and not worry about it all day.

5. For a perfect beach pout that won’t rub off on your towel or in the sea, use a lip stain.

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